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Tell the banks: We need credit card relief now

Sign to demand that credit card companies reduce interest rates.

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Cities Need Help

Municipal workers are on the frontlines going flat out to deliver the public services that keep us safe during COVID-19. But responding to this pandemic has left municipal governments in financial crisis. Their revenues have collapsed and unanticipated costs are soaring. Without financial help, cities will be forced to cut the vital local services our families and communities rely upon every day. On top of that, our cities are major economic drivers and this financial crisis is a threat to Canada’s economic recovery. Other levels of government must step up and provide financial support to our cities.

Tell the federal and provincial governments to provide emergency operating funding for municipalities in order to protect the vital local services we all need.

Sign our petition:

Supporting workers in a time of crisis

This portal will provide links to our latest statements on COVID-19 and actions you can take right now.

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Canada bans asbestos

Canada bans asbestos at long last — but it’s not enough! Thousands of Canadians have died because of exposure to asbe...

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